Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Darwin died?!

It is official. Homo sapiens have halted the process of natural selection in everything except viruses and germs. Where could we possibly go wrong with that?

A prime example of the death of Darwinism; The Panda. A highly specialized being with completely inadequate physiology to survive, and yet, here we are trying to save them instead of trying to stop the slaughter of perfectly evolved beings like sharks. One thing history has repeatedly taught us is that specialist perish while generalists flourish. A Giant Panda lives off of one type of plant, in a single region. It has teeth and a digestive system suitable for a carnivore and so cannot physically digest its sole source of nutrients.

But, let's save the Panda! They are cute. And cuddly! And a complete waste of biomass.

Meanwhile, an animal that has an enormous, detrimental impact on worldwide ecosystems is being hunted, trapped, killed, and exploited to extinction with nothing being done about it.

I'm taking my son in for his immunizations. Never mind that my mother lies to try to get me to vaccinate my son against anything and everything (I apparently got the chicken pox vaccine 3 years before it was available), but the doctor takes her time to lie too. "Future generations are living longer. Now that we are living longer, we want them to have the best life possible. That means immunizing them so they don't get shingles, or paralyzed." What?

First - you can still get shingles from the pox vaccine, so fuck off twat.

Second - You ass clowns didn't start vaccinating for every day colds until the 80's. You complain about the weakened immune systems of the elderly in one breath, then plan to squash my child's immune system by not letting it work with the next. You see the old people now 'suffering'. What do you think is going to happen when I'm old? Is the world going to be magical? Filled with rainbows and butterflies? With unicorns frolicking on grassy knolls because you injected me with dead cells, viruses, and heavy metals? Why am I guessing, "Not."?

Third - Scare tactics, nice. Try that one on the sheeple. Cunt. My son will apparently be paralyzed because of chicken pox. It's written in her calendar.

My prediction: In 30 years, there are going to be mass breakouts of extant viruses because the immune systems that we have effectively killed with kindness will be without the long term benefits of natural immunity. Face it; long term efficacy is not a strong point of vaccines. You say there is no data to support that? Bull shit. Look at whopping cough. How many people has it killed in the last few years? Why? Because people who thought they were immune - whoops - turns out you need a booster for that. Haha, sorry, you actually weren't immune. And even if you were, it wouldn't matter. Turns out the whopping cough virus is a lot like the flu. It can live on your skin, on wet surfaces, on dry surfaces, etc. for days! You don't have to have it, to give it! Isn't that nice!

What do you know? Houston, we have kryptonite! It's our own fucking stupidity.

Keep you fucking needles away from my kid. One size does not fit all in medicine. I will chose what works for us, for now.

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